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Interested in booking a workshop or lecture for your guild or shop? I'd love to work with you! I’ve taught at traditional and modern guilds, quilt shops, craft shows, and even at a brewery!
Please read more about what’s on tap and email me for rates and to schedule a date.

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Ditch the Block

In this lecture, we’ll explore ways to move away from block-based designs and conceptualize (and create) quilts as a whole. We’ll talk about what a block is (and isn’t), and look at of examples of quilts that have successfully ditched the block. This lecture comes with a great trunk show!

Large-Scale Piecing

Large-scale piecing can create incredibly dynamic quilts, but there are certain considerations to take into account (cutting, working with bias edges, squaring up, marking shapes or quilting motifs, etc). In this lecture, we’ll explore how to create large-scale shapes and what to consider when piecing and finishing a quilt. This lecture comes with lots of great images and a trunk show.

Cropping & Scale in Modern Quilt Design

In this lecture, we’ll discuss how to "zoom in" on part of a traditional quilt block and transform it into a modern quilt of any size. We’ll also discuss the differences between traditional and alternate gridwork, and some of the foundational elements of modern quilt design, including negative space, minimalism, modern color palettes and more. This lecture comes with lots of great ideas that attendees can use as soon as they get home.

Trunk Show

Just want to see a trunk show of my latest work? Let’s do it! I have tons of quilts, and we can discuss design, modern quilting, handwork, and the stories behind each one.

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High-Contrast Hand Quilting

In this three-hour workshop, students will try their hand at planned and improv hand quilting using large stitches and thick threads like sashiko or perle cotton. Students will learn how to apply high-contrast quilting designs to quilts with large amounts of negative space to create movement, motion and focus in a quilt. We will discuss the technical aspects of hand quilting as well as larger design planning and techniques.

Large-Scale Piecing

In this six-hour workshop, students will explore large scale piecing with the Prince or Counterpart quilts from my book, Inheritance. Together we’ll discuss ways to make neat and tidy large-scale designs, as well as troubleshoot common issues. This class is suitable for quilters of all skill levels!

Quilt Remix: Turn a Traditional Block into a Modern Quilt

In this three-hour workshop, we’ll explore how to use modern quilting elements like alternate gridwork and negative space to transform a traditional quilt block into a modern quilt. Students will explore this method by practicing with paper blocks, then we will recreate the design with fabric at a larger scale. Two techniques will be explored: Cropping a block and adding negative space.

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June 2018, Intro to Hand Quilting at Fat Hill Brewing Co.

June 2018, Intro to Hand Quilting at Fat Hill Brewing Co.

February 2017, Quilt Remix at QuiltCon | Image courtesy of the MQG

February 2017, Quilt Remix at QuiltCon | Image courtesy of the MQG


This was one of the best lectures I’ve seen at any QuiltCon! Riane communicated clearly, and had obviously spent time and effort thoughtfully researching, planning, and organizing her lecture to make it accessible, inspiring, and thought provoking to an audience. Her graphics were pro level, she credited every quilt designer she cited, and she explained everything beautifully.
— QuiltCon 2017 attendee
I left Riane’s lecture very inspired. I’m bummed that it takes days before I’m home and able to sew! Will definitely start some sketches on the plane.
— QuiltCon 2017 Attendee